How It Works


Welcome, darlings, to Chimissimi, where we're revolutionising footwear with our deviously innovative concept. Feast your eyes on the video above to witness the magic of our versatile uppers, transforming your slides from one style to another with the flick of a wrist.


Step 1: Choose Your Base

Start by selecting your base slide. Our high-quality polyurethane slides provide the perfect foundation for your unique style.

Step 2: Select Your Uppers

Next, choose from our range of bespoke leather uppers. From chic solids to bold patterns, find the perfect match for your outfit.

Step 3: Swap and Style

Finally, simply attach your selected uppers to the base slide. It's that easy! Swap uppers to match your mood, outfit, or occasion, and make every step a statement.

    Join the Chimissimi revolution and discover a new way to express your style.